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It is not necessary to make a reservation, but we highly recommend it. Reservations can be made online where you can choose a date and a start time. You guarantee yourself of a climbing place so you do not come for nothing when the Klimbos is already full.

Up to 15 people it is only possible to book online via our website. Click on the ‚Reservation‘ button at the top right and follow the steps. At the time of booking, you can see exactly which date and time you can climb.

From 16 persons we ask to contact us via the mail, telephone or contact form. We will then be happy to make an offer for you.

Reservations by phone or e-mail is only possible if you want to come with a group of 16 people or more. Up to 15 people can be booked online.

Do you want to book a package or does the website not work? Please contact us so that we can help you further.

You only reserve for the climbers. If you only want to come and watch, you do not have to book and therefore do not have to pay. As a spectator, you can walk along and along the routes to watch and take photos if necessary.

Certainly, up to 1 hour in advance you can still book online. During the online reservation you can see exactly at what times there is still room to climb.

Up to 24 hours in advance you can change the reservation to another time or move to another date. Canceling the reservation is not possible. Of course, you can always book at the location, if there are places available.

If there are still places available then it is always possible to book for 1 or 2 people at the box office of the Climbing Forest. If you want to be sure of a climbing place then it is best to book online in advance.
If you want to book for more than 3 people, we ask you to place a new reservation via our website.

Keep your arms straight above your head, make two fists and measure the distance between the ground and the top of your fists.

When in doubt, we advise to first choose the Junior ticket. At the ticket office you can always upgrade the ticket to a Younger ticket. Children can be measured on location.

From 20 people there is a discount of € 1.00 per person on the regular rate on the days that we are open.

Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve without payment.


For the use of the climbing harnesses, we ask for a deposit of value. This could for example be a house key, car key, watch, public transport card or another pass with your name on it.

In our climbing forest you have up to 3.5 hours of climbing fun. This includes the instruction. After the instruction you can choose which routes you want to climb. The choice is yours! Of course you can always climb shorter than 3.5 hours. For schools there is a maximum climbing time of 2 hours.

Note: if you choose a start time, the climbing time runs until the closing time. For example, if you have instruction at 4 pm, you will have a climbing time of 2 hours at a closing time of 6 pm.

From our own experience we have seen that children of this age understand the ’self-confident principle‘. This is often more difficult for younger children. Everyone insures themselves in the routes. From a 1.30m reach height can be climbed with us. The advice age is 7 years, but more important is the reach height. With a minimum reach height of 1.30m you can easily reach the cable with your arms. At an age of 5 or 6 years, but with a reach of 1.30m, you can simply climb!

At Climbing Forest Achterhoek there is the Klauterroute. This route has been developed in collaboration with the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation and is freely accessible to everyone. Nice if you want to take a look in Klimbos Achterhoek or for toddlers!

Children under the age of 12 and with a minimum reach height of 1.30m may climb independently in the junior routes (orange) under the supervision of an adult. Of course you can also climb along yourself.

With a reach height of 1.60m the green, blue and brown route may be used, but up to 12 years there must be supervision of an adult. Please note: for the Gooi-Eemland location, the brown route with an age of up to 12 years can only be climbed if accompanied by a mulching adult.

For the red and black routes, the bungee and free fall, children up to the age of 12 must be accompanied by a compelling adult. A mulching adult may accompany 2 children at the same time.

Under the age of 12 with a reach height of 1.30m children with a Junior ticket climb the orange routes in the Junior Forest. The number of junior routes varies per climbing location. With these routes there is no need for an adult to climb.

Yes that is allowed. You pay the price for an adult. You may also use the other routes.

During rain it is still possible to climb in the Forest. Our materials are made for this and it is not dangerous. The routes are cleared in the event of thunderstorms. When the weather is safe, you can continue climbing.

Would you prefer to come and climb another day? No problem! You can move the climb date to another day 24 hours in advance.

It is no problem to take your dog to the Forest as long as it is kept on a leash.

Certainly, that is allowed. At the climbing locations there are picnic tables where you can sit comfortably. There is catering available where you can buy drinks and snacks.

Put on nice sturdy shoes with good grip before climbing. Choose clothes that are comfortable and in which you can move well.

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