Our locations are open for everyone now. This is good nieuws, but together we need to continue to act carefully. Read the COVID-19 conditions before you visit us.


  We ask to limit not-climbing visitors at the location

  Buy your climbing ticket(s) online

  Be at the location 15 minutes before your instruction starts

  Stay at home if you have any health complaints

  Stay at home if any person in your household has fever or/and other complaints. If everyone in the house does not have complains for 24 hours, you are allowed to climb

  Stay 14 days at home if any of your housholds are tested postively for the Corona virus. 

  Inform your kids about the safety- and hygienicrules and ask them to follow the instructions of employees

  Keep 1,5 meter distance during climbing and in the forest

  Wash your hands before and after your visit to the climbing forest

  The instructors always keeps 1,5 meter distance of guests. Only in case of emergency, like injuries, problems with putting on the climbing belt or fear, it can be necessary that an instruction will not be able to keep 1,5 meter distance.

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