Reglement Gooi Eemland GB

Rules Climbing Forest Gooi Eemland

Welcome to our Climbing Forest. You can use the following routes:

Orange (junior) 4 routes reach height 1.30m, up to 12 years under the supervision of an adult
Green / blue reach height 1.60m, up to 12 years under the supervision of an adult
Red / black / brown / grey reach height 1.60m, up to 12 years under the guidance of an adult

Our mandatory climbing rules:

• Loose items, such as telephones, keys, etc., are not allowed in the routes
• Wearing your own climbing harness is not permitted
• Guests are obliged to follow the instructions and instructions of Klimbos employees
• Employees have the right to remove anyone who does not comply with the safety instructions without warning or reimbursement
• From the age of 16 you can climb independently, up to the age of 15 an adult supervisor must be present in the Klimbos
• Alcohol and drugs are not allowed and smoking is strictly forbidden everywhere in the Klimbos
• Climbing without a belt and instruction is strictly forbidden.

Our climbing advice:

• Climbing the junior routes we advise from 7 years
• Put on sturdy shoes and suitable clothing
• Put on long hair
• Eat and drink sufficiently

Good to know:

• Maximum weight of a climber is 120 kg
• The use of the routes in the Klimbos is physically strenuous
• Free safes are available at Klimbos for storing valuables
• We ask a guarantee of value for the use of the climbing harnesses (1 per group is sufficient)
• In case of thunderstorms and other calamities we clear the routes and if necessary we close the park
• Klimbos Nederland is not liable for damage to clothing or other property
• You are in the forest area: put your waste in the appropriate containers, do not damage anything, do not take anything with you and stay on the paths
• Watch sign, check yourself afterwards

The Climbing Forest team wishes you a lot of fun!